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Thinking online?

I’ve been thinking about thinking…. and how/where I do my best thinking. I work online – I design eLearning on virtual teams for clients that are often in another country. I share, connect, collaborate, engage, and discuss online for my work everyday. And I like it.

But I think on paper. If I had my way, I’d think on a giant whiteboard the size of my cubicle, but I don’t think IBM will pay for it 🙂

That’s my dirty little secret. I think on paper. I use a blue (or black in a pinch) and a red pen and I draw lines, circles, words, etc. I underline for emphasis and I put a star next to points that are really important. It’s a simple system. It’s a flexible system. And I keep it a secret for the most part.

When my thought process is done I might write up the results in bullet points or in a presentation and post it online.

I’ve tried mindmaps. I’ve tried Visio. I’ve tried all the office suite products to document my ideas during a thinking session. But ultimately it comes down to my little black book and two pens.

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