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Facing my fears

I’ve been talking about completing a Sprint triathlon for about 18 months. After having ACL reconstructive surgery, I promised myself I would finish a triathlon. How hard can it be? Well, apparently, the hardest part of doing a triathlon is signing up.

I finally signed up for a beginner I Can Try! It’s shorter than a sprint (500 m pool swim, 16 KM bike, 3 KM run) but it’s still a triathlon!

Sitting here, thinking about how the race is just over 2 weeks away, made me realize something. Learning something new by just doing it is scary! It’s effective but scary. I’m running through a mental list of all the other things I just tried without “knowing” a lot about them:

  • Blogging – I just jumped in. I’d never commented on a blog. I hadn’t even read a lot of blogs. Results? Pretty good – I have a decent readership inside our firewall… verdict is still out on this one
  • Traveling – For my first international trip I just decided one day to go to Guatemala. By myself. Results? Excellent – I stretched myself in a big way on that trip. I’m shy so meeting new people was hard. I didn’t speak Spanish, so getting directions was hard. But overall it was a confidence-building, wonderful experience.
  • Project management – I didn’t have a choice. I was on a project… and it turned out we needed someone to manage the production aspect of the eLearning. Results? Very rough at first, but it got better. I learned through doing, the advice of others, and lots of small mistakes.

Hmmmm.. talk about immersive learning!