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April 10, 2008 2 comments

We all find inspiration in different places – people, pictures, quotations, events, and life. I’ve started training for my first triathlon – which of course requires running. I’m not a natural athlete so I have to work at it (I know everyone works at it) just to be average. Well I found my inspiration last night. Spirit of the Marathon was showing in Calgary. It was a packed house! We were 20 minutes early and barely found seats.

What I saw in this movie was a group of individuals that found the “thing” they needed to be successful – a daughter, a group of running friends, a desire to be #1. They clung to that thing with all their might and gave 100%.

I left the theatre inspired. Maybe it was the teary-eyed finishers at the Chicago marathon, maybe it was the work ethic demonstrated by the runners, maybe it was the crowd. Maybe. It was realizing that I need to stop planning for the race and start running it. Not a marathon just yet. But one day.