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Tools I use as an ID

February 2, 2009 Leave a comment

I should probably start by rephrasing that… I use the tools below “as an ID” because that’s what I do with 90% of my daily work. I don’t necessarily use these tools to design though… just to make it easier to do my job.

I regularly get the “what tools do you use???” question from my peers & managers. I usually answer with a standard “oh you know… the usual – blogs, wikis, email, SameTime (instant messaging).” But for some reason, I thought about it a little more this time…. and actually made a list.

The tools I use every day include:

  • Twitter via TwitterFox
  • Feed reader –> I use an internal IBM product so that I can track our internal blogs as well.
  • Pass It Along –> Peer-to-peer learning tool
  • Tommy! –> Firefox extension internal to IBM that displays a pop-up of the IBMer’s corporate directory profile
  • Quickr –> An internal IBM team collaboration space with “connectors” that actually let me use the web-based tool directly from MS Office, my task bar, and Lotus Notes

Most of what I use is within the IBM firewall… why? Because I work for IBM. The tools I use help me work not only with my clients but also with my colleagues.

When I was explaining my list to my colleague, I realized that pretty much everything I use is embedded in something else. I’ve slowly passed over the tools that don’t enable me to work more efficiently for those that help me seamlessly.



Elliott Masie recently launched LearningTown Beta 1.3. Of course I joined… I couldn’t help it.

LearningTown is a social networking site for learning professionals. It’s very much like a junior Facebook. Each user has a wall that you can leave comments on, groups that you can join, discussion boards and walls within a group, friending, and private messages.

So, what’s it in for the learning pro? Well… for once it’s a space dedicated to us. We don’t have to weasel our way into some site that was really designed for others and make it our own. We’re the target users… woo hoo!

So let’s …  talk about it, talk about it, talk about it, talk about it… (oh come on you’re singing it too!).

To sign up… go to and click Sign Up on the right hand side.