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To learn list

September 9, 2008 Leave a comment

The big question for September has branched out to our own learning as learning professionals. Essentially, we’ve been asked to share our “to learn” lists. The idea put forth in the question is that we should each have a to learn list that is of equal priority as a to do list.

Um… ok… I’ll try telling that to my clients 🙂

I don’t have a “to learn” list, but I do have a “to experience” list.

In my life I want to experience:

  • Learning a new language while I live in a country that speaks that language
  • Volunteering for a living rather than working
  • Surfing
  • Working as a chef
  • Retirement 🙂

In my work I want to experience:

  • Designing a course that makes me go “wow!”
  • A client that’s excited about collaborative learning
  • A team that’s excited about collaborative design
  • The feeling that this is “the” job that I’m meant to do

I rarely distinguish my “learning” time versus my “working” time… it’s an intertwined process. Learning while I work ensures that the context and situation is appropriate and sensible.

The big question has a several other embedded questions that are really quite interesting….

  • As Knowledge Workers, work and learning are the same, so how does a to-learn list really differ from a to-do list? How are they different than undirected learning through work, blogging, conferences, etc.?
  • Are to-learn lists really important to have? Are they as important as what Jim Collins tells us?
  • Should they be captured? Is so how?
  • How does a to-learn list impact something like a Learning Management System in a Workplace or Educational setting?
  • What skills, practices, behaviors do modern knowledge workers need around to-learn lists?

I’m going to deal with these in a separate post… My own to-experience list and how I manage it is quite different than how I see to-learn lists in formal & informal learning.

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